A roof left unrepaired will begin to deteriorate, and the resulting leaks could potentially cause costly damages to the contents of your home. This is why a thorough home inspection is critical, and the primary reason your insurance company wants your roof repaired (or replaced, when necessary) soon after the initial damage.

Your first step on the road to recovery is to contact Arnett Construction. We will assist you through the entire process every step of the way. An Arnett Construction representative will arrive at your home within 24 hours of your call to evaluate the damages as part of a thorough examination of your roof, siding, gutters, windows, and more. This service is free with no further obligations. We will provide you with our recommendations and a proper and honest assessment.

Once the home inspection is complete, our representative will sit down with you and explain our findings (with pictures) to help you understand the extent of damage your home has sustained.

If warranted, the next step would be to fill out an agreement form with your Arnett Construction representative so they can assist you with your insurance claim.

When you contact your insurance company to file your claim, they will ask you to schedule an adjustment date when both the insurance adjuster and your Arnett Construction representative can be at your home.

On your adjustment date, the insurance adjuster and your Arnett Construction representative will perform an inspection together to ensure your insurance company has a first-hand account of all damages.

Once the extent of the damage have been agreed upon, the cost of repairs - or Replacement Cost Value - can be estimated. Arnett Construction will work with your insurance company to negotiate the final replacement cost.

Within a couple of weeks after the replacement cost is negotiated, you will receive information in the mail along with the first payment from your insurance company (less your deductible, which will be your only out-of-pocket expense).

If you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage company's name may appear next to yours on the insurance check. It may not be for the entire amount for the repairs, as in this situation a depreciation sum based on the age and condition of your home would be held to protect your mortgage company, ensuring repairs are indeed done to your home. The second and final check would be issued after Arnett Construction finishes all of the work on your home.

We will meet with you to finalize the colors and types of materials to be used, and gather all permits required to perform the repairs.

Before making any repairs to your home, our roofing crew will take great care in protecting any landscaping that could be harmed.

Next, our expert technicians will remove the damaged roof and immediately inform you of any signs of rotting roof decking. Our certified team will then build your new roof according to the manufacturer's warranty specifications and National Roofing Contractors Association standards.

After your roof is completed we can begin necessary repairs to siding, gutters, and any other damage your home has sustained. Upon finishing all repairs and proper disposal of all debris and unused materials, a Quality Control Inspector will ensure that our work lives up to our standard warranty, and more importantly - that you are satisfied with the results.

Arnett Construction will send a certificate of completion to your insurance company and request a release of your depreciation and any supplements needed. The insurance company will then send you the second and final check to complete payment of our services.

Throughout this entire process, Arnett Construction will be with you to assist and answer any questions you have.

We understand that choosing a company to repair your home is a huge decision and shouldn't be made lightly. Our hope is that we have already answered many of your questions about the storm damage your home may have recently experienced and that you will provide us the opportunity to inspect your home and explain the damages sustained.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a free inspection, please call toll-free (855)369-1004 or fill out the form on the right hand side.


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